Sharing experiences

Reiki Certification Classes

The following are comments I have received from my Clients and Reiki Students sharing their experiences in Reiki Classes, Reiki, and Raindrop treatments and from workshops I have taught.

Janet JohnsonWorking with Lucinda to obtain my Reiki Level 1 certification was a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed her comprehensive, personalized approach to teaching the course material, and was very grateful of the extra time we were given to practice together. I particularly appreciated how open-minded and encouraging she was in helping us to identify, explore and further cultivate our intuition and individual aptitudes, as well as in providing guidance with how to assimilate other already-learned energy healing approaches in a complementary and synergistic fashion. This, when coupled with her experience and knowledge, formed the basis of a solid platform from which to build my confidence to pursue my energy healing path even farther than I had initially intended. I would definitely recommend Lucinda to anyone considering studying the way of Reiki, and look forward to taking my Level 2 with her in the near future. Janet Johnson

Reiki-Jenn CairnsLucinda, you gave so much more than I expected from this course. I feel I have some wonderful new tools to help me on my spiritual and healing path. Thank you, sincerely, for your time, guidance and for opening up your home to us. I look forward to continuing on this journey and sharing my experiences with you as I continue to learn.

I’d really like people to know how comfortable I felt working with you, even though we’d never met beforehand.  You provide an extremely thorough teaching of Reiki and your written materials are an excellent resource and far exceeded my expectations.

I’m glad the classes were broken into two separate days; I felt so confident with time in between to absorb the information and practice. Jenn Cairns

“I had the pleasure of spending an enlightening, educational and wonderful day doing Reiki Level 1 with Lucinda. She is a very warm, clear and wise teacher. The energy of the group was fantastic. I truly enjoyed learning about Reiki in such a comfortable, almost magical environment. I highly recommend classes with Lucinda to anyone looking to learn more about Reiki and themselves!” ~R. Grey

Lucinda has the ability to break down the aspects of Reiki in a meaningful, spiritual and practical sense for greater understanding and adaptability. She is a true example of the essence of Reiki. With her love of people and teaching, the message of love is felt within your entire being when in her presence. I feel blessed to have had such a kind, caring and knowledgeable Reiki Master. Lucinda does not only teach Reiki, she lives it. ~ Marg Smith

reiki-Linda MclenachanLucinda’s genuine caring nature made it so easy to learn this wonderful healing modality and to ask questions about anything I didn’t understand. Lucinda is a teacher dedicated to enlightening her students. Her teaching comes from her heart and with great love. I confidently recommend her to anyone I meet who is truly interested in giving their lives focus.

I’d love people to know they should be prepared to meet an honest, sincere, caring person who is there for anyone with a desire to change their lives. There is nothing I would change about the sessions. My only regret is when the class is over and I will miss that wonderful time of learning with you. Thank you Lucinda for being you. Linda Mclenachan

coupleI enjoyed working with Lucinda because she is a warm, sincere individual who expresses herself in a calming, relaxed way. Her teaching method is caring and supportive and her knowledge of the subject is comprehensive. The written material is extensive but easy to understand. The class was nicely divided between theory and practice. The binder was a nice touch and something I can refer back to when needed. I have a much clearer understanding of the practice of Reiki since taking the class and would have no hesitation in recommending Lucinda to anyone interested in learning Reiki. Thank you for providing me with a tool that I can use to help others heal themselves. Best wishes, Yvonne

Kirsten Frey“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Reiki! Your practical, gentle, and joyful way of teaching gave me the confidence to move forward on my journey and to share this experience with others.
The combination of theory and practice worked so well and your thoughtful guidance was helpful throughout. I appreciated the course being divided into two days. The time in between was valuable for practice and gave us time to address questions that came up, as a result.
The manual is well written and an excellent resource that I use regularly.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and beautiful heart with me! I sincerely enjoyed my time with you. Kirsten Frey

montageThis was such an amazing experience. I was so confused about many things in my spiritual life, and was scared of a lot of it. Through Reiki training and with Lucinda’s support I was able to release my fear and open doorways that helped me cultivate and feel safe within my own spiritual life! Lynn B

“This experience was awesome, bigger than I expected… what an amazing way to shift my old beliefs!” Jane Alexander

“This class was actually more complex than I thought it would be and yet Lucinda teaches in a way that helps it to feel effortless … I loved the practices and the attunements. It took me to another level- I feel an opening in my soul. Thank You!” Louise J

“This was a strong spiritual energy class… I loved learning about and using the symbols.”  Mark Dove

“This was a great experience to enlightenment… learning how to share energy was really amazing and I loved sharing experiences with my classmates! We all benefited from Lucinda’s wonderful energy and enthusiasm. C. Martin

“This class created a safe space for me, connected me to people I did not even know or see before. I wanted to hold hug and kiss them all. I loved creating a warm and loving bond with people and enjoyed learning from Lucinda she is awesome!” Jane G

“This was a wonderful chance to stretch myself, I met wonderful people and even greater… I’ve learned a way to help heal others and myself!” Amanda

“The best experience for me was classmates laying their hands on me, it took away tension and pain that I have been feeling for months. I understand now more about deserving to take care of me and to feel good about being selfish with myself.” Gordon L

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Reiki Treatments

spa-pebbles“I had asked Lucinda to work with my teenage daughter who was experiencing terrible nightmares and anxiety. Even after the first session I could feel and see an immediate difference in my daughter’s personality. After one more treatment her nightmares disappeared, she felt noticeably less anxious and as a result began to sleep through the night again. What a difference this made to my daughter and for me too.  Her treatments work! Thank you so much, Lucinda.  Louise James

love-GivingPlant“I have received countless healings over the years, but yours have been by far the most relaxing and invigorating, seems strange to say that, but so true! You just know how to hit the spot! You truly have been a wonderful inspiration to me, you have a very special gift, Lucinda. I’d like people to know that Lucinda, is someone who clearly loves what she does, is warm and generous with her time and support, and it shows through in her enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best service. Thank you!” Jessica Lane

Lucinda is a gifted healer and is a delight both personally and professionally to be around. She is so knowledgeable, skillful and working with her is like reconnecting with an old friend. Lucinda is a genuinely compassionate human being whose depth of love for her clients is huge, I always leave feeling inspired!  Jane Martin

posted? freedom“Thank you for my first reiki session on the weekend. It was very relaxing and I really enjoyed it. I have noticed such a difference over the last few days – my mind wasn’t racing even close to as much as usual and I have felt more relaxed. You were so nice to give me some tips of things to work on as well. Looking forward to my next session!” Karen G

“Thank you so much for the information you shared with me, I will be sure to do the exercises. I really felt great after your treatment and I had a really good day yesterday. You are a very special caregiver who truly embraces the needs of your clients.” Warm Regards, Marilyn Smith

“I have had 6 sessions with Lucinda for a chronic problem. The sense of relief I felt after each treatment was tremendous, I’m feeling invigorated and even more revitalized after each session. I would highly recommend Lucinda as a kind lady with an enormous gift of Reiki.” Linda Morgan

spa I“For the past few years I have experienced great pain from an interior ligament tear in my knee. Walking and even sleeping at night was at times difficult. After only three Reiki sessions with Lucinda, the discomfort in my knee has been eliminated. I’ve felt other positive effects from Lucinda’s treatments; a boost to my overall well being and I have begun to sleep better and wake feeling really well rested. Thanks so much Lucinda, Don Whittaker

“Hello Lucinda, I just wanted to thank you for our session this evening. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and support with getting through this challenging time in my life. You really helped me feel better with your gentle hands and your thoughtful words. I almost can’t wait to see you again next week.” Paula Trescanti

“It was an intense session, but so rewarding. I got so much out of it! Lucinda is a very knowledgeable person and shares information so freely, I felt so welcome and cared  for. Lucinda in my opinion is  a genuinely talented and gifted individual.” Laine Bothwell

Reiki III was very surprised how relaxing a Reiki treatment is! After three treatments, the pain in my legs and hips is almost gone, although this is a long standing issue so I will continue with more sessions. I also notice how much more focused and awake I feel. I am going to include Reiki as part of my health regimen. Thank you Lucinda. Michael J.

I love Reiki with Lucinda, I always feel deeply relaxed and always leave with some perfect wisdom from her that helps me understand or solve a difficulty. I feel healthier, happier, and more willing to take better care of myself. Cathy Marshall

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changeyourstory“This was one of the best courses that I have taken in a very long time. Lucinda really has a way of making people feeling very comfortable as they share their feelings. As she shared her knowledge, her beliefs and life stories I felt confident in making my own changes and this made me hungry to learn more.” – from Merle

“Lucinda has a way of clarifying even the simplest of concepts in such a calm and understanding way. For me, this was probably the most important part of my healing. Thanks to Lucinda, I was able to discover what I need to feel good about myself, and I will be eternally grateful for her knowledge, guidance and support.” -from Grace Williams

“I loved the course. The exercises to increase our own awareness were what I enjoyed the most. I challenged myself with them and they certainly helped me to focus on the big picture in life – not the small mundane things we so easily get caught up in. Perhaps it was no coincidence that my job changed and I entered into a new and exciting relationship during this course. Thank you Lucinda, for sharing your knowledge, kindness and sense of humor.” – Mary 

“Lucinda has a real talent – we all opened up and looked seriously at our lives past and present and how that impacts how we feel about ourselves. I thoroughly loved my time with this group under the leadership of Lucinda. She helped me look deeply at my life and discover what a gift it is. I can’t wait for another session. She truly is a gem, discussions were always interesting, lively and extremely honest. Lucinda has a great gift and we are all much better individuals for having had her in our lives.” –  Adrienne

“I loved your classes because you showed me how to slow down, relax and just breathe. It’s something I work at every day know.  I know the importance of gratitude for who I am and all I have right now, in each moment.  I no longer feel so alone and unconnected.” Jane

“Lucinda is excellent at helping you examine parts of yourself that deserve attention in a way that gives you “food for thought,” without feeling the need to make drastic change or the pressure to “fix” yourself.”

“The sense of calm comfort you radiated when any of us felt low made me feel safe. I knew I could call you anytime for a boost and find the courage to forgive and explore where I’d been afraid before.”

“Lucinda has such a great insight to the human condition and her passion for helping people is really obvious in the way she connects to everyone.  The classes provided real advice that I could implement in my day to day life as soon as I left the workshop.”

“I came away with a few learnings that have made a real difference for me … another was the supportive non-judgmental atmosphere that Lucinda created for us.  This allowed me to accept who I am and know that right now, in my life, I am enough.  This was huge for me as I’ve always been so hard on myself!”


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Case Studies and Testimonials – Reiki sessions

Reiki treatment

Reiki treatment

Female: Age: 50 +
Complaint: Arthritis in the knee area
Number of sessions: Five
After 3 years of excruciating pain in my knees I am now pain and symptom-free; I am able to walk and garden again with pleasure. I feel much more relaxed and confident about myself and enjoy Reiki a few times a year to help me really relax and revitalize my spirit.

Reiki-maleMale: Age: 52yrs

Complaint: Leg and hip pain
Number of sessions: one
I was very surprised how relaxing Reiki is, after the treatment the pain in my legs and hips felt much less and is almost gone now. I also notice how much more focused and awake I feel. I am going to include Reiki as part of my health regimen. Thank you Lucinda Female: Age: 55

Complaint: Fibro-myalgia
Number of sessions: six
Fibro-myalgia really caused a lot of difficulties in my life, not just the physical pain but emotionally I was exhausted and fed up with life. Reiki relieves my pain and the helplessness of not knowing how to help myself. Lucinda’s gentle prodding and enthusiasm that I could take back control of how I lived my life has been so inspiring. I do feel more focused, and confident in how I take care of myself. I feel great! I have no doubt in my mind that Lucinda has made all the difference in my world.

Happy-Feeling freeFemale: Age: 40+
Complaint: general malaise and lack of clarity
Number of sessions: ongoing
I love Reiki with Lucinda, I always feel deeply relaxed and always leave with some perfect wisdom from her that helps me understand or solve a difficulty. I feel healthier, happier, and more willing to take better care of my self.
Male: Age: 44

Complaint: anxiety and stress
Number of sessions: ongoing
Reiki therapy is a godsend in my life. I live a busy stressful life and these sessions have helped me manage my anxiety and cope in the middle of chaotic days. I am learning to relax, which I never thought I would be able to do. I am grateful to Lucinda in showing me how to help myself. Female: Age: 55

Complaint: Chest congestion, lack of energy

Number of sessions: 3 or 4 times a year

Last winter Reiki was the best thing that relieved the congestion in my chest from too many bout of bronchitis. This year I had one cold no more chest infections. I like Reiki 3 or 4 times a year, it feels good

HappyFemale: Age: 31
Complaint: feeling stuck, lack of confidence
Number of sessions: ongoing
I come to Lucinda because I felt sluggish, miserable and stuck in my life. The gentle healing of Reiki and Lucinda’s compassionate wisdom helps me to feel confident to deal with my life from a new way of thinking and seeing. She helps me make the changes I wanted. I am more happy and positive now. I eat better, and I feel better. I even find the courage to look for more work and feeling more good than I have for years. I look for better job also. Lucinda, thank you! Female: Age: 43

Complaint: headaches, feeling out of control with life
Number of sessions: three
Thank you, Lucinda. After just 3 sessions with you, I am feeling more confident and able to think clearly, I know I shouldn’t be surprised but in such a short time I feel better in many ways. My headaches are almost gone and I sleep all through the night. I feel excited and enthusiastic and now I am looking forward to finding just the right work for me. Expect me back and thank you for your support and your kindness.

Happy Red TFemale: Age: 51
Complaint: lack of self-confidence, inability to speak up for herself
Number of sessions: ongoing
I just wanted to tell you about my new job since you helped me find my confidence to speak up for myself. I am surprised how confident I feel. Reiki has had a profound effect in my life, I feel hopeful and open to more good things happening to me. I practice standing up for myself and feel better about myself and I feel better around the people in my life. My confidence feels great, thank you, for helping me find my courage.